The only real privacy is available offline. Create a home free from any signal or radio waves

Radio radiation enters buildings mainly through windows. That's why we're introducing the unique Wavetrap glass, which allows no outside signal or only the frequency band of your choice to get inside.

How does it work?

Classic insulating glazing

The modern architecture loves large glass surfaces, but this is how most radio waves actually get inside. Walls of the buildings do not provide any better protection here.

If you are looking to protect your house or room against the non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, you have to eliminate any glass surfaces.

If you want to enjoy a digital detox at home, you need to turn off your devices or turn on the flight mode.

WAVETRAP glass shielding

WAVETRAP is a unique glass with a shielding capacity against the radio waves. Glass is the most efficient shielding material on any building envelope.

Glass shields radio waves such as bluetooth, telecommunication services for making calls, fast internet and wifi signal of all generations.

With the windows closed, you can achieve digital silence, plus you'll be protected from radio radiation.

Premium quality

WAVETRAP is an original product with unique technical characteristics in premium quality and with demonstrated efficiency. It has been developed by AGC, a renowned international company with solid traditions and more than fifty years in research and development in the area of wireless communication technologies WAVETRAP products are manufactured by AGC processing plants in the Czech Republic and Germany to the highest quality standards and with respect for the environment.

Key benefits

Fully transparent glazing

WAVETRAP shielding capacity does not affect its looks, so it is visually indistinguishable from any conventional glazing.


Radiowave shielding protects against digital interception, surveillance, wifi hacks and other forms of spying that violate your privacy.

Excellent sound insulation

Privacy includes also noise protection. That is why all WAVETRAP solutions offer excellent sound insulation properties.

Excellent thermal insulation properties

WAVETRAP glass prevents any heat losses perfectly. Its heat transfer coefficient Ug is as high as 0.5 W/(m2K).

Guaranteed quality

We offer the best quality standard. We give a 10 year guarantee.

Installation and consulting

Always leave the installation of this speciality glazing to professionals. We provide consulting services for installation and applications.

Other benefits


Electrosmog refers to any artificial electormagnetic radiation which is subject to constant debate as to its potential harmful effects. So far it has not been exactly demonstrated which waves and at which frequency are harmful, however a general consensus suggests that less is always better.


In our busy lives the time we get for undisturbed rest and focus in complete privacy is extremely valuable. It takes strong will to switch off your phone, but it is much easier to stay in a signal-free space. The only real privacy is available offline.

Digital minimalism

Every day we fight for our attention with mobile phones, social networks, emails and other modern technologies. Free yourself from the pressures of the digital world, reduce stress, make better use of your time and gain more freedom. WAVETRAP helps you control technologies instead of being controlled by them.


A telecommunications tower was built near Elisabeth’s house.

“The view of aerials from the terrace of my house was very concerning for me, and not only visually. Although I hadn't read anywhere that electrosmog could significantly harm us or our children, the idea of us being exposed to some kind of radiation bothered me, and so my husband and I started to think what we could do about it.”

George was looking for some work-life balance

“I run a very successful digital technology business, so I need to find some balance and separate my work life from my personal life. It is virtually impossible to experience real, undisturbed privacy in the city. It took some time until I managed to find the right solution.”

Marie wanted to protect her privacy.

“As a public figure, I am in the spotlight even when I don't want to. For quite some time I was worried of being wiretapped, and I never actually realized that somebody could spy on me through my mobile phone or our home wifi network. Then one day my architect came with the idea of installing WAVETRAP glazing which solved yet another problem of me wanting to protect my two sons against electrosmog.

What do I do?

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We’ll get back to you to discuss your needs.

Customized solutions
We develop customised WaveTrap solutions.

WAVETRAP glass is produced in our Czech and German plants.

Delivery and installation
We deliver the glass to the required destination and, if necessary, help with its installation.


Does it mean that if I have WaveTrap glass in my window, I won't have internet and can't call anyone?

Ensuring completely perfect shielding is more complicated. The signal enters the room not only through the windows, but also through the walls, ceiling and possibly even the roof. Its intensity and type is also not the same everywhere. Some signal sources (like Wi-Fi) can be located inside the shielded area. Please contact us to assess your specific situation.

Is it enough to replace the existing glass in the windows with WaveTrap glass for perfect digital silence, or do I have to buy completely new windows?

All types of windows are suitable for WaveTrap glazing and, if the frame is in good condition, it is sufficient to only replace the glass. However, new windows often make it possible to achieve an even better level of shielding – the most suitable windows are aluminium or steel windows, as the metal of the frame also contributes to signal attenuation.

When I have shielding glass in my windows, what about the walls, ceiling and roof, do they need any treatment as well?

This depends very much on the materials used – light constructions usually provide less shielding than e.g. stone or reinforced concrete walls. There are many options for shielding non-transparent parts of a building, such as shielding wallpaper, shielding paint or thin metal foil hidden under plaster or painting.

Can I have a shielded space with digital silence only in a certain part of the house/apartment, such as the bedroom, and keep the signal in the room of my adolescent offspring?

This is a very common situation, as the generational needs of the digital world are evident. WaveTrap is often used mainly in shared living areas, in children's rooms and bedrooms. Furthermore, in spaces intended for activities for mental concentration, i.e. not only in the household – these can be yoga studios, classrooms, libraries or various relaxation rooms.

Am I entitled to subsidies for heat-insulating glass when replacing window glass with WaveTrap glass?

The shielding function is an added value in the case of WaveTrap glass and does not negatively affect the level of thermal insulation of insulating glass, which is at a very high level – for insulating triple glazing up to Ug = 0.5 W/(m2K). Subsidy programs for replacing windows or glazing can therefore be used without restrictions under the normal conditions.

How much does WaveTrap glass cost and how long does it take to deliver?

Compared to conventional thermally insulating glass or windows WaveTrap glass is a premium option. The amount of the surcharge depends not only on the selected type of glazing, but also on the scope of the order and the shape/quantity of the individual glass panes. Please contact us for a technical solution consultation, delivery options and a price offer.

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